SARS Travel Allowances 2014 – Analysis Services

<h2>The South African Revenue Service Travel Allowances and Company Car Analysis for Individuals 2014</h2>


Travel allowances and company cars allowances in South Africa – analysis services


Our travel allowance and company car company calculator provides you with the only complete tool in the market that calculates multiple scenarios and incorporates the latest changes to income tax law and SARS practice:

  • Travel allowance tax claim per year
  • Travel allowance to be structured into your salary
  • Company car structured into your salary
  • Tax planning comparison should you decide on a travel allowance or company car structured
  • Tax planning depending on the value of your vehicle and amount of business or private kilometers that you travel


Why is this important to me?


The correct travel allowance planning may have a significant impact on the income tax claim that SARS will allow. You can save thousands by getting it right or loose thousands by making the wrong choices.


How does this service work for me? How can assist me?


Taxpayers provide us with their personal travel information in the questionnaire below. We will within a day or two forward you a report with an exact analysis of what your travel allowance or company car preference should be. An example of the report is below as well as the information used to calculate this.


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