Being Audited by SARS

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What is an Audit/Verification by SARS?


This is a process that SARS performs to make sure that a taxpayer contributes honestly and fairly towards his or her taxes. This usually entails checking for the completenessof income and the validity of expenses.
After you have submitted your return/declaration for a tax year you could be selected for verification or audit. This is done by an automated system.
If you are selected you will be notified by SARS through your chosen means of communication which could be an SMS, an email or an official letter telling you’ll be audited/verified.
You need to send in all suporting documentation around your tax return, such as IRP5 documents, invoices and your tax calculation. If you have a refund due, it will only be paid once the audit/verification is completed.

Who can be selected to be audited/verified?


Any taxpayer can be selected by SARS and be asked to send a RFC or the relevant material which could be a travel log book; receipts of medical expenses paid for by the tax payer; medical certificates; retirement annuity certificates; financial statements; all certificates and documents relating to income and deductions, amongst others.
Top Tip: The relevant material (supporting documents) needed will be listed in the audit/verification letter sent.

What should I do if I am audited/selected for verification?


Once you’ve been notified by SARS, you should send SARS a RFC or the relevant material (supporting documents) within 21 business days of the date on the letter. Do not be late.
Documentation can either be uploaded using e-filing or alternatively the documents etc can be delivered at a SARS branch.
If you still don’t send the relevant material (supporting documents) asked for, an assessment will be done by SARS based on non-submission of the relevant material to verify the return/declaration.
Top Tip: It’s better to answer the queries immediately.
Once the audit/verification is done, and you aren’t happy with the outcome, you may lodge an objection.


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