SARS Housing and Subsistence Allowances 2014

<h2>The South African Revenue Service Housing and Subsietence Allwances 2014</h2>


Housing Allowance


Where an employer provides an employee with a house, the fringe benefit value is normally the higher of the cost to the employer or a formula calculated on the employee’s salary. Let us know should you require the value calculated.


Subsietence Allowance


Subsistence may be claimed where an employee with his normal home in South Africa spends a night away from home on business for the employer. Where a subsistence allowance is paid there is no PAYE deduction on the amount. Certain deemed amounts are expended on such business trips. It must be remembered that these deemed amounts are only claimable where an employer actually pays an employee a subsistence allowance. The deemed claims are limited to the amount of subsistence allowance paid. These deemed amounts were updated and with effect from March 2013:

  • Travel outside South Africa: This is determined on a country-to-country basis. This is determined on a country-to-country basis. SARS has the comprehensive list of countries and the daily rates on its website (
  • Travel in South Africa: R 335 per day for meals and incidentals
  • Travel in South Africa: R 103 per day for incidentals only


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